Whether we have enough, need enough, or have simply had enough, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

43,000,000 Americans are Saying


Welcome to LOCAP -The Future of Local Capital 

The fabrics of our local communities are worth saving, but as the hate and divide in our nation continues, many residents and businesses within our local communities are suffering. However, some common threads remain that are ubiquitous necessities if we are to ensure our communities remain strong and vibrant for all residents. In no specific order they include:

  • The need for economic vibrancy to support a civil society 

  • Local innovation and investment 

  • Resiliency for all community segments 

  • Economic, social, and environmental sustainability for all residents 

  • A sense of community and love thy neighbor 

  • Equality of opportunity 

We do not need more government safety nets as the solutions lie within our communities and what we choose to do within them. Business and economics are not the problems, they are two of the only solutions but it will take community residents to leverage them as the solutions. 


Local Capital (LOCAP) is not just financial, it includes intellectual capital, social capital, environmental capital, human capital, and legacy capital that all should be used to create the kind of communities that support all residents, and the kind we would like to live in. 

The Critical Importance of Local 

Mainly for convenience we choose to spend billions of dollars of financial capital outside of our local economic ecosystems (online shopping and retaining professional service firms with no presence in our communities). The result is a depletion in the number of locally focused, innovative businesses being built that would otherwise contribute to a more vibrant and resilient local economy, a lack of jobs, a slowing of the velocity of capital, and even greater levels of vulnerability for many neighbors and residents.


The resultant effect of the above is an exponential increase in internal migrations away from historically vibrant and important American communities. 

Unbound Life

Unbound life has been specifically designed to represent home bound people wishing to find part or fully time work. If the pandemic showed us anything, it is that working from home produces higher levels of productivity. This is something the homebound community have been doing for decades. 

Impact Life

Impact Life has been specifically designed to help 43,000,000 Americans who provide unpaid care to loved ones with chronic conditions or special needs. 

It is designed to reduce the unacceptable levels of financial, emotional, communal, and educational stress that result in over 60% of family caregivers being diagnosed as "at risk" with their own health. 


LOCAP has been specifically designed to help local businesses and economies grow, while providing income producing opportunities for the most vulnerable residents in a community. 

Over 80% of the things we buy on line are available in most of our communities. 


LOCAP is a minority owned business that is also a certified government contractor. It's purpose is to rebuild the fabrics of our local communities by providing a single platform that helps every stakeholder, segment, sector, and resident (especially the most vulnerable) within any community. Our "Bottom-Up" approach also helps local businesses and economies, making communities more resilient and sustainable. 

LOCAP was very fortunate to be guided by the professionals at In Place Impact (a company which is a shareholder in LOCAP) as it was the founder of that company who co-created the global platform of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", and is the creator of Impact Economics

Taking our lead from the designs of In Place Impact, LOCAP provides its platform on a licensed basis so that the capital generated within a community remains in the community. There is an upfront fee to license and launch the platform, and a 2% royalty on revenues. Thus 98% of the revenues generated remain in the community where it is embedded. 

LOCAP's power of scale is centralized so that all products and services are available in every community where the platform is present. 



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