An Impact Life

Supporting the unique journeys of 43 million of our peers

Impact Life has its own section on the LOCAP platform which is unique to family members providing unpaid care to loved ones with chronic conditions and or special needs. 

In America, there are over 43,000,000 people who provide some kind of unpaid care to family members who need help. As a cohort, they face such high levels of economic, financial, and emotional stress that over 60% of the are diagnosed as "at risk" with their own health. 

Impact Life provides these unsung heroes with the ability to:

  • Buy the products and services they need for themselves and the person they are caring for at prices not available anywhere else

  • Benefit from free virtual seminars and webinars designed to help them alleviate the stresses they are under

  • Become Ambassadors for their segment of the community they live in. To be an Ambassador in this section, a person must be an unpaid caregiver to a family member of friend with a chronic condition or special need

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Our mission is to protect and develop the fabric of our communities by using all forms of LOCAL CAPITAL to create economies and communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.  


Our vision is an America full of thriving local economies where all residents can participate in and personally benefit from contributing to a sustainable future.

It is time we created a direct line of sight between the residents of the top and bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid by using business and economics as solutions to the problems we face. 

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Impact Life is In Place Impact Accredited which means that our executives truly embrace Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose. 

The organization is designed and run in a way that benefits every stakeholder.